In the studios with the Outsiders tomorrow

         Hey have yall heard that new Outsiders track, " Off That"? If not don't worry. Tomorrow night Underground Interviews will be live behind the scenes at the studios with the Outsiders. Dj Mic Eazy set up a behind the scenes event just for our team to slide through and show you exactly what they are all about. The outsiders is an up and coming rap group mixed perfectly with vocals at all ranges They will be preforming live at our next show at Club Sip in Oak Lawn, IL. The Outsiders came up with the hit song "Off That" and have been going non stop ever since,s o If you would like to learn more about what they are planning got the summer, your at the right place.

    Tune in tomorrow night at midnight for the  footage of Mic Ez and crew in the studios with Underground Interviews Yall!!!