Hip Hops all wrong

   The hip hop and rap scenes have turned into a place filled with violence and hateful derogatory comments. When did we as people begin to allow negativity to run our lives. For so long it's seems people fought had and long to make a difference, and now were doing the exact opposite. Us the youth are the ones who can make a real difference. Our musicians can change lives by writing more positive songs. So much can actually be done, we just need to stand up. 

   If we as a nation take a stand to better the community around us we can then begin rebuilding. I as a blogger and writer have made a push with quite a few rappers including Will Frank, Cortez, A - Lane, Big TRUCK, G - DA - MAN, King RUGA, and Big LEWIS to make an anti violence album. It is time we start putting more than ass and dro into our videos. Yes we all love woman or men, and a lot of us like to smoke and relax as well. But is that the message we want our kids to have? 

   I for one think not. If my daughter were to come home dressed like one of these girls I see at shows I would flip. Our if she came in with the common " Fuck the World" attitude I WOULD GO CRAZY. How can we let this common misconception of reality rule the way we think?? Im sorry if I am offending anyone but this is serious. I cannot name the last time I put $200.00 dollar jeans on, or for that matter even ever owning a pair of $200.00 jeans. But I turn on the radio and sure enough they are rapping about them. We need to start preparing these kids for real life, not make believe dreams...