" Gone Off That Molly" Just released by Dj Mic-Eazy and The Outsiders

           Dj Mic-Eazy and The Outsiders release a brand new video. " Gone Off Of Molly" is a really catchy single, with the impact of a future mass club hit, their careers may be well on the way to their wildest dreams. Their new hit single has a great party feel to it and it defiantly fits the party scene. Do not be surprised if the Outsiders take over the scene in 2015. Their new video took place at Underground Nations Friday the 13th show. This video will be one for the greats list!

           The crew has released quite a few new songs and their materials are reaching all new levels. The rap team is headed for huge amounts of success with their music and can be seen locally for the time being. The Outsiders and Dj Mic-Eazy began recording in January and are hitting the local scene with there sick new style. The group preformed live at club "Sip" in Oak Lawn on Friday, March 13th. The team opened up the The "Friday The 13th" show that headlined Will Frank, Cortez, and A - Lane a local rap crew who has a loyal and solid following in the Chicago land area. Teaming up with Underground Nation, THe crew plans on doing much bigger and better things. 

       Dj Mic - Eazy and the Outsiders are scheduled to preform on Thursday at Mojoes in Joliet at the " Will Frank Hip Hop Showcase". They are setting up to light up the stage, so everyone had better come out and see this group  while there still local.