exclusive interview with Solow Redline

Brandon Harris: When did you start rapping?

Solow Redline: When I was 6.

Brandon Harris: What was your thought process when you awoke to find out your video went viral? 

Solow Redline: I couldn't believe it. It was crazy. I didn't know what to think.

Brandon Harris: As an artist what are your current goals? 

Solow Redline: To be considered one of the greats As a person outside of music, who is Solow Redline? 

Solow Redline: A father, a big brother, a philosopher, a sport-head, a video gamer. I wear a lot of hats.

Brandon Harris: What does it feel like to be following your dreams?

Solow Redline: Amazing. That's it. One word. Amazing.

Brandon Harris: Recently you went from Chicago to LA, what was that transition like?

Solow Redline: It's an adventure. A good adventure. A beautiful journey.

Brandon Harris: From free styling on the Red Line to running high in the game, what's the difference from your old life to your new life? 

Solow Redline: As far as rapping, It's still the same. It's what I always dreamed of doing, just on a bigger scale. 

Brandon Harris: Who inspired you as a kid? 

Solow Redline: My mother and one of my older cousins. He used to rap and I used to watch him rap and I used to look up to him. I idolized him for it. That was my inspiration to rap.

Brandon Harris: Which artist would you work with if you had the opportunity?

Solow Redline: Good question. R. KELLY and Eminem.

Brandon Harris: With summer on the way, what can we expect to see from solow Redline? 

Solow Redline: New music. New videos. Features. A new SoLow. 

Brandon Harris: Is there a tour planned for this year? 

Solow Redline: Not yet, but we're working on it.

Brandon Harris: What is one thing most people do not know about you?

Solow Redline: I'm a loner. 

Brandon Harris: What is your opinion on the violence in the streets?

Solow Redline: It's senseless and the government kind of promotes violence to oppress the poor to keep the poor separated.

Brandon Harris: Rapper Will Frank just dropped hands up, what is your take on that song? 

Solow Redline: I like it. It's a good song.

Brandon Harris: Do you have anything you want to say to your fans?

Solow Redline: I love you. Reedddd Linneee