~Cold Spittin Mr. Face, P.O.W. Records punishing the airwaves in typical Mr. Face fashion~

Mr. Face, P.O.W. Records presents 
"COLDSPITTER feat. Chainz & Subconscious"
#MrFaceMonday #6 Week

As like clockwork, the lyrical Beast of the North, our homie Mr. Face brings his A game smashing the senses with his visceral funky fresh hip hop rhymes and beats delivering a smashing blow to the airwaves... If you are not familiar with Mr. Face, rest assured his cold raps, hip hop is swooping down from the north as if an arctic blast of wicked funk fresh hip hop sure to leave you frozen in track with his cold, though hot lyrical assassinations and beats. Mr. Face, our good homie, our Beast of the North yet again, proves his musical prowess infecting the music industry with his frosty cold, harsh yet refreshing lyrical talent as a means of proving, once and for all. Anything the mainstream has been doing, he, and others have been doing far better far longer deep within the realm of the Underground Nations... As always, enjoy, this is one frosty cold harsh yet brilliantly crafted and skilled artist you WILL NOT want to miss. Give it up Underground Nations for our Beast of the North.