Mac Miller

   Mac Miller has been hitting it hard for a few years now with amazing music and beats. Coming from Pittsburgh, PA the 23 year old rapper has the entire nation on their feet. From writing great music, to preforming and more, Mac Miller is off the chain. His flow is sick, and so is his spirit.

     Mac Miller came out in 2007 with "My Macin ain't easy". The mix tape hit hard, and Mac began growing. His career hit off fast and hard. mac then went on with his crew at that time, the Ill spoken to create two more albums. After that he was signed to Rostrum Records. As he grew so did his following. His social media buzz in 2011 was tremendous. His career took off quick. For a young man his music hit hard and he grew fast.  Before he knew it he was on top of the world. Mac miller was becoming a house held name.  Mac was growing rapidly and becoming what he had dreamed of since being a boy...

    Now at 23 the rapper is making some huge moves!