Exclusive interview with Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?
 Jaret Reddick:  I heard “Crazy Train” by Ozzy on a kid’s tape deck at school, and I was hooked! 

Brandon Harris: Who inspired your bands unique sound?

Jaret Reddick: The Ramones, The Descendants, and all the shit my parents listened to in the car! 

Brandon Harris: Have you ever been compared to Green Day?

Jaret Reddick: Early on we did, because there was nothing else to compare us to. We got Cheap Trick a lot to. I love both of those bands, so I was never offended!

Brandon Harris: How long did it take to perfect "Girl all the bad guy's want”?

Jaret Reddick: That song was literally written in an hour and the lyrics were made up AS we recorded it…ME and Butch Walker laughed a LOT during that one..

Brandon Harris: What do you feel sets your new album out to hit fans?

Jaret Reddick: 
For some it will be a walk down memory lane…For others, a chance to visit a time that they might not have known BFS…Wither way, it is a great collection of songs! 

Brandon Harris: When can we expect to see you all on tour?

Jaret Reddick: We start in June! I am excited!

Brandon Harris: As your career's progress, where are you planning to be in the next year?

Jaret Reddick: All over the place!! I don’t like to sit!!! 

Brandon Harris: Who is the song Emily written for?

Jaret Reddick: A girl from High School that broke my heart...

Brandon Harris: At the end of Emily you state "you saved my ass" what did that mean?

Jaret Reddick: IT basically means, I am glad it didn't work out, because I had a LOT of fun after that break up! 

Brandon Harris: Whats it like being over 20 years into your music career and still being very popular?

Jaret Reddick: It is amazing and unbelievable…I don’t take it for granted. we are very fortunate! 

Brandon Harris: You as a team created 12 albums thus far, will we continue to see more coming from you?

Jaret Reddick: For sure..I have been thinking about new stuff recently, actually!

Brandon Harris: What does it mean to each of you to know you have impacted Millions of listeners?

Jaret Reddick: That is hard to get our heads around. but it is the biggest compliment ever. 

Brandon Harris: As a band what has been your most exciting tour?

Jaret Reddick: Probably the first headlining tour of the UK…But that is a tough one. We have toured a LOT

Brandon Harris: What are your plans when you decide to retire? Do you have any dreams of moving into other industry’s?

Jaret Reddick: I am working in voice over now, and doing some other things creatively. I just wanna make people smile. That is what I am here to do!

Brandon Harris: How has the industry changed since 1994? What is different?
Jaret Reddick: The short answer is, everything! But mainly, social media and learning to market and brand yourself has replaced touring. Hitting the road and just pounding it out isn’t really a thing anymore…Which is nice, because I did that for 9 years before anything happened with BFS, so going that route with People On Vacation or JArinus would be tough! Yea social media!!! 

Brandon Harris: What was it in 2013 that made you guy's decide to end touring in the UK?

Jaret Reddick: We just needed a break. We also didn’t want to run the band into the ground.  Both of those things were fairly equal in our decision.

Brandon Harris: When you were nominated for a Grammy award in 2003, what was the thought process you all had? What were some of the feelings you had?

Jaret Reddick: We were just surprised, more than anything…But it was nice to be able to validate our band to the folks that didn’t understand why we were giving our lives to this band.  

Brandon Harris: As 2015 rolls out will there be any surprises from you?

Jeret Reddick: For sure I have so many things happening…I can’t wait to get it all out there! 

Brandon Harris: Right as you go on stage, what are you thinking? What thoughts are rolling through your mind?

Jaret Reddick:I am wondering if there is a full beer most of the time, because I already drank the one in my hand.

Brandon Harris: Where can fans find your new album?

Jaret Reddick: Anywhere you buy digital or physical albums! Or just  visit www.bowlingforsoup.com

Brandon Harris: Thanks so much for taking the time to do an interview, anything to say to your fans?

Jaret Reddick: Thank YOU!!!
Just wanna say thank to everyone for supporting my shit! I love you guys!