Where is the real Music

The idea of being a musician is one thing. To actually put your heart and sole into it is another. To often now day's we see fly by night stars. They have one hit that sounds like crap and everyone is in love with their music. What happened to the good old days of heart felt honest music? Even country stars are selling out, that is the last of a dying breed? Where are all those people whom had their hearts sunk into what they were doing? Where are the real artist. There are still good artist out there, I have interviewed quite a few, but where real blood works of the music industry?

      Maybe I am just getting older. Or maybe I just have no scene of what emotion is anymore.  But it seems every-time I turn on the radio aliens are speaking bs right through to me. I do not hear quality, rather garbage, and Im not talking about the punk band either. If I would have known 1 years ago that geting inked up and mumbling about food would get me rich, I wouldn't be writing today. I would be driving a fancy car with a hit single out, " Got my Drank and my Big Mac".lol But honestly where is the creative music at. Where are the quality artist that honestly care more about their music than their fake boob's and big ring? Where is the melody we so long for, and the music that takes real precision and skill?

     That is just a question on my mind at the moment?