Where is Eminem in 2015?

What if anything can we expect from our icon of rap music " Eminem"?  With a new year in place were all hoping for something new. But will he bring i in 2015? We can only hope so. Growing up I listened to Eminem. Honestly he was the big thing back then. From amazing music, to being an icon for millions of teens and people world wide Eminem made it happen. 

      From the frosted tips hair do in the 90's, to every white guy under 19 in America wanting to be him, Eminem made a splash and changed history. Making for the first time a successful rap career as a white kid from Detroit. As he grew we grew, following his every beat. His music moved us and we moved with him. We followed anticipating every album. Our generation was memorized by his every move. 

    I remember in 1999 I was 10 listening to his album, trying to figure out when I would make my first lbum and get out of my current life. I personally was a huge fan. To be honest I loved his music, and what it represented to me at the time. Now almost 16 years later I am writing a post guessing if he will come through for us in 2015. His most recent song "Gut's over fear" hit's hard and comes with some deep motivational move behind it!