The Sovenirs review


The Sovenirs new album brings a whole new feel to music. With the power house sound of a international band, this up and coming crew hit it hard with their new album " You Fear me And".  Sounding like a mix of Breaking Benjamin, Mineral and Switchfoot these guy's and their music is going far. This is a one of a kind band who will be huge in the next ten years. I suggest you go to a show now before everyone wants tickets, Id expect to see these guys playing with the likes of the Plain White Tee's and even bigger act's in the near future.  We have to call this band a future chart topper, from sound to quality. From start to finish their new album pull's you in and your lost in a world of sensational music! It's out of this world song after song bringing you songs that pack a punch and leave you wanting more! Coming from Southern California, we hope to see these guy's in Chicago soon! Keep your eyes open and your ears pealed back, by far the best up and coming band of 2014!  
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