The Interview Review


5 Stars

  As it is Christmas break, and were all doing something I had visited with family earlier in the day to come home and watch the most controversial film in the world " The Interview". As I had to see what all the hype was about. As the film started I must admit I was excited as could be and ready to watch yet another great film. As it went on and I began to find the intro both cheesy and hilarious. The Eminem scene was also great.As the movie went on and the comedy grew more and more goofy, I fell in love with the movie. Not only had this movie brought out some humor in a real world situation, but it also draws you in. By the end you have a bloody, sexified, hilarious view of a political regime that feels to this day that it is bigger and better than everyone. 

     James Franco and Seth Rogan in my opinion have both done an amazing job in this film and as actors may have broadened there international work ability's by partaking in this film. If you are looking for a funny movie that does have a bit of recent history tied in, this is the film for you!  Im glad our nation took a stand, and that Sony allowed the film to air! !