The art of music

    Over the years rock music has transformed a lot. Originally soft classics like Elvis in the 60'S were considered to be the hardest most dangerous work of the devil out there. Now day's or musical taste has grown and spiraled in so many directions it becomes hard to keep up with. Who do you listen to? What are some of your favorite bands? How does their music and their lyrics effect you? What are the feelings you get from the music you enjoy?

    As a lover of music these questions often circulate in my mind leaving me to wonder what it is that's going on in my taste of music. I fin d that music fit's to moods, and moods fit to genres. As an individual we all have a certain taste for music, mine being a bit more colorful than most, but I am also the founder of a music based blog site for the love of music. As a writer, I enjoy writing bout music. I honestly do enjoy it. I love interviewing bands and seeing how music transitions as each individual  performer gradually grows into a more distinct sound, and then they attempt to change it up. To me that is more than enough to keep my mind interested in what exactly is going on in the music world.

     But as the time and bands change so does the style of the music we love. From rap, to country and opera and more. It seems each new year brings fourth thousands of new little styles of music. As the art of music progresses, so do the bands and artist!!