New years eve 2014

     Hey guy's you all might know me as a writer or as the crazy guy whom blog's way to damn much, either way I would like to thank you. This year has been rough, honestly the last few have. Being in a rough relationship and trying to be a better person is hard. Working 2 jobs and having a family is hard too. Blogging for you all is my me time. Exactly 7 years ago today I got my last letter from my dad, He died that next February. Every year that has gotten me down. I allow it to get to me and to be honest I'm hurt and Upset right now. I'm feeling alone, and trying to make life work. 

   This year has been extremely difficult, financially I'm doing great but life at home is so hard, trying to please others and feeling like I'm fading away sucks. I just wish for one new years eve I had a real kiss and someone who cared. I need this to change and for the better! Welp thanks for following so sorry for my rant just needed someone to listen.