MGK Rapper of the year

The  rapper of the year 2014

"Machine Gun Kelly"
     "yeah and when I step into the building everybody put they mother fucking hands up"

MGK has been making noise and growing his base in recent years, and with all of this he still ahs home in his heart. This year over 10,000 viewers voted for the rapper of the year and we really appreciate that! After all the votes were counted out of 10 candidates MGK came in first with 63% of the poll votes!  As the year has gone on MGK has come out hard with music, left and right. As an artist, he has progressed quite a bit over the past few years. He is the future of rap and a mass influence on the youth of America. 

To only think 2 years prior he was struggling with Heroin addiction and today he is shifting the face of the planet, MGK has transformed his life and has become a leader in our music industry. Not a lot of people come back from that type of addiction and he has remained clean and is still producing hit tracks almost endlessly! From Clevland to a worldwide sensation MGK has built a brand and a name for himself and his musical talent. 

We expect to see a lot more from this rapper as his musical career progresses! Stay tuned in to see what's coming next! He has been hitting it hard making tracks with a lot of big name artist and we are looking forward to his future work.