Inside DUBLE R da GREAT 

Brandon Harris : What got you into music?

DUBLE R da GREAT:  I started off as a dj in 17+ clubs in 2007, then started rapping out of nowhere, 

Brandon Harris: Who are you as a person?

DUBLE R da GREAT:  A father 1st and foremost to my son, but beyond that I'm normal just like everybody else. I try to be inspirational to those coming under me. I try to help those in need when I can

Brandon Harris:  As an artist which other musicians inspire you?

DUBLE R da GREAT: I'm inspired by everyone. From the guy who's on top to the guy who is just starting out. Inspiration is everywhere.  

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be in ten years?

DUBLE R da GREAT: I really can't plan that far ahead. Lol but I mean I hope to have a international fan base but overall I just be want to happy. Rap or no rap. 

Brandon Harris: What has been the hardest part of starting out as a recording artist?

DUBLE R da GREAT: The hardest part has been separating myself from the herd of sheep. Since day 1 my goal was to entertain the people, and leave them with something to remember.

Brandon Harris:  Who are your musical influences?

DUBLE R da GREAT: Coming up I was inspired by T.i.'s stage energy.  Lil Wayne's lyrics, Jayz's ability to just be cool, lol, the way 2pac voiced his opinion! Oh and Gucci! He just made everything sound cool as fuck!

Brandon Harris: Who have you been on tracks with?

DUBLE R da GREAT: To be completely honest I don't really do too many features. I'm really picky about who I work with. And right now I'm focused on me and my Project.

Brandon Harris : Any rappers in your local area that you feel are moving along well?

DUBLE R da GREAT : Yea there's a few guys out there making noise. But it's to early to tell. So I just stay focused on me and my team. 

Brandon Harris : Where can the fans find your music at?

Duble R da GREAT:

Brandon Harris : Whats your show scheduled looking like? 

Duble R da GREAT: As of right now I'm just working on my project. But Jan 23 Im in Texas opening for one of Paul Walls Artist. 

Brandon Harris : What do you think of the Chicago based cheef keef?

Duble R da GREAT: He's Getting money. What is there to say. Lol We all have ups and downs. But I wish him nothing but the best with his career.  I'm from Chicago so I support everything Chicago. Period. 

Brandon Harris : Dude you snapped on 1000 pints where did you come up with that song?

Duble R da GREAT: That song was created in betweens songs. I think we were in the studio recording and at the time, and i was fucking around heavy with the lean. And it just came out. Good weed , great lean. Shit like that will happen. 

Brandon Harris: What part of Chicago are you from?

Duble R da GREAT: I'm from Humboldt Park . But I live up in Wicker Park now. So that's where you'll catch me most the time. 

Brandon Harris : When did you decide you wanted to pursue rap music?

Duble R da GREAT: In 2009 I was fighting this drug case and like mid way thru I was like man... Yoooo there has got to be something better out there for me. Fuck am I doing withy life. And here we are. 

Brandon Harris : Your new video "Waite" is off the chain, you sound like a pro, where do you think this video will take you?

Duble R da GRET: I really don't have any expectations. To be honest. When I shot it I was like ummmm ok is this gonna work. Will people feel this video. And it ended up being the best video I've seen period from anybody not signed or with a major buzz. 

Brandon Harris: What are your goals for 2015?

Duble R da GREAT: I wanna drop a album. But it's still in the air. But I can say this what you seen so far isn't anything compared to what I have coming in 2015. 

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Stay blessed and have a safe holiday

Duble R da Great
"The Hottest Puerto Rican Rapper