How to get you music out there without a record label.

       How to get you music out there without a record label. 

       There are honestly millions of musicians in this world. Each with different goals.Some wanting to make a point, others wanting to express their feelings. As a musician the world can be unequally cold. From the haters and professionals to just getting your music viral it can be hard. So we here as a team have come up with a way to make your life a little easier. 

             1.) Create a facebook fan page. This will give you a base for your fans! 

Don't just make a page and leave it blank. Work your facebook page and make it a place for fan's to get involved. You can take this page and go as far as you want with it. I personally have taken pages from 0 to 20,000 likes in a matter of months with no paid marketing. How you ask? With a simple formula as follows below! 

                             1 new header per month
                                        3 post a day
                  2 events per month with 1000 invited

 This will help you grow into a page with 20,000 likes in just 6 Months, but you must be creative with this as well! 

           2.) Create A YouTube account for your music!     

Create a youtube account for your music. Ensure you add proper channel art and design, but also content at least once a week. Adding your best work and quality images will add to your fan base. This will help you gain a following from another site and more reach all together!

         3.)  Build an email list of people to send your stuff out too!

Build yourself an email list to send your stuff out too. All buiness and big bands and rappers have email list. This can start with friends and family and grow to mass list where your guaranteed hits! Start with a file and begin saving as many emails as possible.