Founder weekly letter

    New in depth interviews on the way keep posted and up with our team here at underground Interviews. We have rap, art, country, metal, and rock on the way everyone!  We here at Underground Interviews are planning one hell of a new year for you all. We really hope you have enjoyed 2014 and we wish to make it known that we plan to triple in size in 2015! As the founder of this site I would love to take some time to thank some of our amazing team that keep thing going for all of you viewers. I first and foremost would love to thank my wife, Mystic, and also my good friend and a Vice President, exiled spirit. I would also like to thank D Boie Derosa, and all of our viewers! Our team has hit millions of people this year all across the globe. With nations across the world tuned in, we are proud to be the #1 Source of Underground Interviews and Reviews in the nation in 2014! So the next 12 months we will work to blow you away with our site, and its features,we are ready for a challenge and a great year!