The Breaking Benjamin Story

The Breaking Benjamin Story
By: Michelle Naylor

Breaking Benjamin was formed in 1998 by  Aaron Fink, Nick Hoover and Chris Lightcap. As a group they worked towards  perfection. Eventually bringing us one of the best rock groups of the modern ages! Breaking Benjamin independently released their own album, which sold all copies that were made. Soon after they  signed with Hollywood Records in early 2002.  

       The band went on to create four albums Each selling amazing numbers, and raising he band to the top.  Though they did have troubles along the way. Being sued for millions by a former band mate was one of many issues. Jermey Hummel filed a lawsuit against the band and bands management in 2005 seeking 8 Million dollars in damages. The former drummer claimed he helped create the bands songs. That case had never settled. Then again in 2011 Ben Burley fired band mates  Fink and Klepaski. right after, a dispute over the new version of "Blow Me Away" went public. Burnley gave his side of the dispute in a June, 2012 court filing, saying Fink and Klepaski made unilateral and unauthorized decisions on behalf of the band, such as giving permission to release the unfinished work  in May for the remixing of "Blow Me Away".Burnley seeking a minimum of at least $250,000 and the exclusive right to the "Breaking Benjamin" name. Burnley has stated he plans to revive the band when the lawsuit is settled.

     On April 19, 2013 Burnley won his leagle battle and reclaimed the bands name in court. Shortly after the last band member with him left. Burnley went on to play the bands music at a few venues. As of now 2014 the band is re constructing and headed back out for 2015! They are working on a new album and hopefully droping some new music soon!