Sikk Logik Interview

Sikk Logik Interview                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Brandon Harris: What got you into Music?

Chris Lawwill: I've always loved music actually started with country music at a talent show when I was around 8 then me and the same guy started doing our own little country shows at nursing homes and rehabs as I got older I found hip hop and fell in love with the way they could put words into so many different patterns

Brandon Harris:Dude that is a cool back story. So now in your career what are a few of the next biggest steps you have in front of you?

Chris Lawwill: Hopefully we will be touring soon we've been doing a lot of shows in Austin and corpus but we both have full time jobs and my partner has a wife and three kids so touring is hard right now we are currently working on our new album called escape from salvation its a dark album with some collabs from some well known underground artists.

Brandon Harris: Defiantly great to hear. Where has the inspiration for your up coming album come from?

Chris Lawwill: Music wise its a big mix pot of a lot of artists not one in particular i listen to everything from blues to hip hop to death metal I'd like to say this album is gonna appeal to anyone in any mood a lot of the songs come from past experiences or present situations life's hard so the music's dark it comes easily when its your true emotions

Brandon Harris: For sure man. Real deep heartfelt response. So getting on stage. How does it make you feel? Any rituals?

Chris Lawwill:Oh man getting on stage is a rush like nothing I've ever felt. I remember our first Austin show i believe it was the grim zipper tour with scum and insane poetry I was nervous as fuck but soon as we got on stage it was like a wave of relief everything went really well Texas hatchet cartel puts on some awesome shows and their great people to work with as far as rituals the only one we really have is every time we play in Austin we have a beer at the jackalope before we hit the venue kind of a tradition now.

Brandon Harris: So your coming up in Austin. Do you have a Facebook and or a website fans can hear your music at?

Chris Lawwill: Yeah were on fb SoundCloud YouTube and a few apps in the play store just go to any of those sites and type in sikk logik and check it out I'd send you the links but I'm not to tech savvy haha.

Brandon Harris: When's your next show?

Chris Lawwill: Haven't booked any lately been trying to put our album together as well as doing collabs for other artists but believe me the next show will be soon.

Brandon Harris: When are yall coming to Chicago?

Chris Lawwill: Never actually thought about Chicago maybe one day a tour will take us through there didn't know Chicago had a horrorcore scene.

Brandon Harris: Oh mna we have a huge Horrorcore scene. We have 2nsane, OCD,HAZE,a shit ton of rappers. Have yall ever worked with Ace Capone?

Chris Lawwill: Never heard of him to tell the truth

Brandon Harris: Aww man yall should get in touch with him, he's pretty damn good and would be down to work with yall. Who have you hit the booth with?

Chris Lawwill: We just finished a collab today with xsp a few with drop top underdogz and our Homie sadyztyk from Colorado also razablade real though I'm not sure if that track has been released yet the new album has a lot more but were not releasing names just yet.

Brandon Harris: Good deal man? So When will we see some new work from you all?

Chris Lawwill: Were in the works for a new video for our song cannibal our album should be out by mid 2015 hopefully a little earlier might drop a few songs here and there that won't be on the album

Brandon Harris: Good deal man, thanks a ton for taking time to interview with us! Any thing to say to your fans?

Chris Lawwill: No problem man thanks for doing the interview and to the fans just stay tuned and keep watch for show and tour dates and hope you enjoy everything we put out without y'all we wouldn't be able to do this.