Leon Rockmore Interview with Tak MC & Founding Members

                  Leon Rockmore Interview:

Brandon Harris:  What got you into music?

LR: I was always a huge fan of 80's music like Talking Heads, Human League, Duran Duran, etc. and that's what actually inspired me to become an artist.

Brandon Harris: Who inspires you as an artist?

LR: I'm inspired by creative producers like Timbaland and Pharell. Their musical production is so colorful and innovative.

Brandon Harris How would you classify your music?

LR: I would say my style of music is more of a classic early 90's form of raw Hip Hop because to me that's when Hip Hop music was at its peak and every artist at that time had their own unique style and sound. 

Brandon Harris: When's your next show?

LR: At the moment there is no set schedule for shows. My shows tend to pop up more spontaneously for now.

Brandon Harris: How much have you sacrificed to be where you are now?

LR:I feel that pursuing music as a career was something more or less that chose me. I've sacrificed just about everything one could ever imagine to make my dream come true. Creating music is the only thing that has ever paid me respectable amounts of money. When I was younger and tried any other form of work, it never lasted more than a week, so that's when I knew music was the only thing I wanted to do.

Brandon Harris: Any new music in the works?

LR: I am currently putting the finishing touches on the self titled Leon Rockmore E.P, scheduled to be released first quarter 2015.

Brandon Harris: Who in the industry do you admire more than anyone else?

LR: I admire and have mutual respect for all artists that have built their brand from the ground up and have successfully made a mark in the music Industry.

Brandon Harris: Any musical goals for 2015?

LR: I plan to tour Europe and South East Asia in 2015.

Brandon Harris: What's it like making and circulating your own music?

LR: Creating and circulating my own music is much different than doing so with a major label because doing this as an Independent artists allows me to be more hands on and micro manage the movement and progress.

Brandon Harris:  Any crazy fan stories?

LR: When I was on tour in Asia, I was shocked to see a caravan of fans following my tour bus on the freeway and was then later surprised and greeted by them in the lobby of my hotel with gifts. That was pretty amazing.

Brandon Harris: What would you suggest to a young fan struggling to compete in today's market?

LR: The music Industry as a whole is competitive. The only thing I would suggest to new artists trying to make a name for themselves is to try their best to discover their own Identity and be original. Many people are influenced by what they see and hear and tend to become carbon copies of whatever that is... They lose sight of their own original vision. Don't follow the crowd and be like everyone else, create your own lane!

Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?

LR: I would like to thank all the fans that have been riding with me since my Styles Of Beyond and Fort Minor days. And for the new fans that are just now jumping on board  with my new Leon Rockmore... I just want to say thank you for your continued support! I will always do my best to create innovative timeless music that you can appreciate and enjoy. Be sure to follow Leon Rockmore on Instagram and Twitter: @LEONROCKMORE
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