Help the kids for Christmas

Every year our family's meet and greet for Christmas, or another winter holiday and exchange gifts. Well we are lucky to do so. Some family's go on not having such luck, never seeing the holidays at all. We as a team are asking you to come and get involved with us and help make a difference. 

Round One Give is an organization working with underprivileged kid's in Joliet, IL. We as a team have decided to throw these kids a Christmas. We have 20 kids we are shopping for. We need help within the community to make this possible and as a team we have accomplished a lot already. But we could really use any and all help on this event we will gladly send you a kid to sponsor. 
Or send donations through:

The party will take place at 557 N Scott st, joliet,IL 60433. It will be from 5:30 - 7:30.