Ferguson case


    As I look to the deepest depths of myself, I find a bit of anger inside of me. Our nation is in chaos tonight. All over the country there are protest and uprisings. We as a people at a once again find ourselves at a very hateful point. But in all reality we have not even looked at the facts. Their is a lot to be looked at here. Our nation for a long time has dealt with racial injustice. We have seen racial crime and injustice for years. As a people, we have not looked at the big picture. Instead we dwell on the media. I bet at least half the protesters never looked into the actual case. If they had, they may be more likely to stop and assess the situation. I'm not agreeing with either side. In my opinion there is a lack of evidence and as a father and man I feel the situation still needs more accuracy. This one issue has caused a ginormous situation. We as a people need to attempt to create a change. We need to be that difference. Rather than to destroy, steal, and hurt. Be humble and strong. Be leaders. Attempt to set apart differences, and make a difference. 
         Yes their is brutality in the police force and yes some of that is created from racial tension. Some of that is also created from stereo typing, and fear as well. We as a people have never looked at the whole entire situation. Those few and far between whom have, often do not grasp it. Our nation and it's citizens have turned into a flock per say. Who can name a Kardishian sister? Or someone off of walking dead? How about a BET, or MTV host? Who can name their congressman? How about a state rep, or county board member?Let me tell you something. These people make the decisions. They directly effect your life. Not tv, cell phones, media, and music. Yes we enjoy all of these things, but as a people we have freedoms mot others cannot enjoy. If you don't like the ruling for this case, don't fight. Get up and make a difference. No matter your race, or religion your family's root back to people whom traveled here at some point. All of these people from past to present are here for freedom. We have the freedom still at this point in history to vote. So why abandon that fact? Instead of just talking do something. You and your friends group up and vote. 

      Most people don't see past the issue at hand, and often never do. But as a person I at some point after many books, and blog have come to realize on thing, THE MEDIA is controlled by those in power. That being the government and the super rich. All in all meaning the government. Have you ever noticed that the government loves tension? Whens the last time you remember sitting down and looking at the country's budget? Probably not many have ever. But we pay them, we all do. In one form or another we as people have all placed money into the system. So then as we begin to possibly focus at the issues in a whole, a situation in a small town becomes a national highlight. We allow the issue at hand to control our entire mind process. We as a people then lack time for the issues in a whole. 

       Ferguson is hurting tonight. Business owners, Employees, family's and many more. The decision that was made, was made already. We as a people can challenge the legal system. We can move past the situation at hand. We can learn from this and grow.  What happened here may not have been right, then let's find the evidence and prove it. Let's work as a people to get things done! 

      Yes the situation at hand defiantly is a big one to swallow.  As a nation we have been trough a lot in the past 20 years. In the past 8 we have begun to fall farther and farther apart. Most out of touch in lue of the negativity. Instead of allowing these things to happen, or even have room for them to start, stand up. Go out and change the situation at hand. Become role models and  make a difference in your community. Without unity we will fail. 

Stand UP