Exclusive SCUM Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music?

Scum: Needing a release for anger and escape from the shit reality I was living in

Brandon Harris: What was the transition from Russia to the United States like?

Scum: Shocking...completely different...took a while to adapt

Brandon Harris: How long do you work on a song before you release it?

Scum: Ive done songs in 2 hours, Ive also worked for 2 weeks on a single track, just work till u r happy with it urself

Brandon Harris: Who is Scum, as a person off stage?

Scum: A lazy family man that loves spending time with his kids n wife, food, movies and sleep lol

Brandon Harris: As your movement began to grow, how did you keep the momentum going?

Scum: Work, work, work, lots of doing shit myself till I found the people to help me with it

Brandon Harris: What are your goals for yourself, and your label for 2015?

Scum: Bigger tours, a crushing release selection and hopefully sum overseas shows if the customs allow it

Brandon Harris: How Did LSP come about?

Scum: No one would sign us and we had that passion so had to do it ourselves

Brandon Harris: Who was part of creating LSP?

Scum: Me, Sevill (RIP), Kasper (of the LnG duo), then we were joined by Fiasco, Borey and Kill The Carver

Brandon Harris: When is your next tour?

Scum:  January 7 we kick off the Snuff Legacy Tour

Brandon Harris: Who all do you have on LSP now?

Scum: A couple big signings coming up, next year is my 10th solo release, 10th headlining tour, lots of work ahead!

Brandon Harris: Any big moves coming from you in the near future?

 Scum: You adapt, gotta roll with the times or die off

Brandon Harris: Who are your heroes?

Scum:. Esham, Lynch Hung, Twiztid, too many more

Brandon Harris: What is your favorite music video you have done to date?

Scum: Mr. Zipperface

Brandon Harris: Where do you think you and your music will be in ten years?

Scum:  Hopefully much bigger then it is now like death metal did since I was in high school

Brandon Harris: As a writer, how often are you putting lyrics down, and creating new music?

Scum:  I write all the time, a lot of the time inspiration hits u at a fast food or on the shitter, u just grab a piece of paper and write...plus the scheduled writing sessions for collabs n label projects

Brandon Harris: What artist would you work with if offered the opportunity?

Scum: Thats a LONG list...Im a music junkie so anyone with a dark style, skill and that has built something bigger then myself is always an honor but I also enjoy collabing with younger cats that r really on their grind and got their shit together cause they are the future
of this geanre

Brandon Harris: What do you consider to be your biggest accomplishment?

Scum: Just still doing what I love 14 years later and having people that back me, got my creation tatted on their bodies, truely down with LSP till they dead n gone

Brandon Harris: Anything you wish to say to your fans?

SCUM: Thank you for keeping this snuff movement alive, thank u for reppin the saw and axe, dont ever stop, always try to get new people hooked on the sickness and watch this shit blow up like a terrorist backpack at a marketplace!