Chicago Rapper Lights up the Scene

Just came across a dope new rap artist out of Chicago. Double R da GREAT is coming across as the hottest young artist out of the Chicago in 2014. With a fresh sound and top quality music, this man is off the chain. In this video wait he shows his ability to drop a great song and stay right on track. We would not be surprised to see him on MTV in the next two years. Watch out Chicago Double R da GREAT is coming out quick with some great beats and some music that can keep the room moving. If your looking for that hit of the winter, we want to suggest Double R da GREAT's new song "Waite". Below we will post a link to the video. With Hit after hit coming out this young man could soon be seen by the likes of big record labels and venues. We will keep an eye on him and keep yall filled in!  We have reached out to Double R da GREAT and lined up some interview questions for yall to read as well, so stay tuned in! 

                             Check out his new Hit Video "Waite".