~BeauTifuL start to BeTter Days~ NaDa ProbLem

I gotta tell you I have those mornings that I simply gotta shake off days past n drop the weight I been carrying... gets too heavy to move on at times. It's a fresh breath of air having trax like this, setting forth the light bright deep down within those pieces of life that get you moving and wanting and doing.. This is how i start my mornings out y'all.. Check out our recent interview with the one and only NADA PROBLEM, long time hip hop gem thats moving mountains with lyrics beats n straight up inner truth which we all know to be truth... Morning my underground Family stay tuned, MUCH more on its way..

we appreciate and are, eternally grateful for all your years of dedication to spreading the good word, fighting the good fight, we the underground nation will carry you on if ever it gets too much, our way of returning the favor which you've bestowed onto us through your wicked rhymes beats n examples of how to push through the worst n darkest of storms...