The Journey Begins

With our badass street teams, writers, artists, followers and fans we are assembling, we are set to make some changes around here that I am sure you will all love, and we are sure to have a blast implementing. We at Underground Interviews need YOU to engage, support, talk, like, share, comment and get the word out that we champion the independents/undergrounds of the world. We need your help to get the word out regarding all the fresh talent, incredibly gifted artists, musicians, models, writers, and fans that we showcase. We are dedicated to having the world hear our hearts beat for the beauty in independent/underground talent of all sorts, so I ask each and every one of you to become part of our team and help spread the word that we are coming to shed light on beauty and talent, heart and dedication wherever we may find it. We have embarked on this journey to expose this beauty and talent with the intent on sharing all of our creations with you and the world. We are revamping, regrouping, and refocusing our skills and talent and along with all your help we can ensure much greater things to come...