Major League Review

 Major League

  “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”

  Arriving November 4th, 2014

With their highly anticipated second upcoming album “There’s Nothing Wrong With 
Me” set to drop next month; one can immediately feel the depths of emotion and personal
reflection poured into this album. Thrashing riffs and smooth screaming lyrics introducing
their fans to the emotional roller coaster sure to follow throughout this album. High energy, heavy
hitting lyrics and well rounded, balanced instrumentation shows the growth of the band, 
maturing and evolving into who they were meant to become as a group. After their debut album
and a long year of touring it would seem as if the band has regrouped, refocused, and honed in 
on their essence of who they are collectively as a whole pounding out tracks such as “Just As I Am”
and “Recovery” two of the many tracks that will most undoubtedly hit close to home for many 
listeners I’m sure for it has me. 
Brian Anthony Joyce (vocals/guitars) delivers in a finely tuned way, the core of who they 
as individuals as well as a band are through his roller coaster of a ride fast pitched high tempo
transitioning to the slower almost trance like performance of brilliantly written and structured
lyrical hard hitting tracks. His smoothly rendered words being set into motion with Luke
Smartnick (drums), Kyle Bell (bass) and Matt Chila (guitar), backing him up in such a way 
that will undoubtedly leave their fans and followers knowing that they, the band, know them
and their common struggles in life. Without argument this band has gained the experience and 
strength necessary to deliver a heavy weight, hard hitting, precision tuned musical experience
with their soon to be released album “Theres Nothing Wrong With Me”.
Along this emotional journey listening to “Theres Nothing Wrong With Me”, I felt 
almost as if they had created this album from within me, having faced the trials and tribulations
life has often thrown my way. Listening I knew exactly where they were coming from and 
precisely what they meant, yet one doesn’t seem to very easily pinpoint the genesis of inspiration
for such soulfully filled tracks. While it may seem to have a very straight to the point message do 
not forget that their lyrics will for sure have many different interpretations for many different 
listeners. Having had the personal experiences I have throughout life, this album leaves me with the 
feeling as if these guys have been long time friends of mine whom can easily relate through their
lyrics and intense musical style. With all the ups and downs, slow melodic moments of serenity
abruptly interrupted by their harsh one two punch combos it certainly drew me into their upcoming 
album “There’s Nothing Wrong With Me”.