A bit from the team!

          What makes music in your mind's. We all love music and we all have music that we tend to love. Music lovers opted to convert to newer styles. This is led to all sorts of musical genres, styles, and scenes. We're off to wonder what comes next. Our music is now a scape filled with different sounds and beats. The art of sound,now has such a wide variety, we often mix and !arch genera's. This is why Underground Interviews was created.

          As a music centric team we bring you new,up an coming, and known artist. We mix music and modern culture in not one big bundle. Watch as our team continues to bring you more and more.

    We are also always looking for new writers and interview techs. If you want to join our team, just message us. We would be glad to have new people. We also would like to thank all of our amazing readers for following our amazing site.