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    A Bit From The Founder of 
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Brandon Harris 
 What is music in your eyes? Where does it come from? What do you listen to? What do you consider to be good music? These are often questions I ask myself. I find that any music lovers now day's listen to all sorts of music. From rock,rap, country to pop, hip hop and R& B.  Our culture expanded more so now than ever, as we grow so does our taste. The need for more and more music is prevalent every day, and artist are all over on every level of the playing field. So where do you find yourselves? Who do you enjoy. 

          I for one go for a mix of papa roach, all the way to chief keef, lsp, to country and more. I have a mind for music. Each new song like a eat to my soul. I find new artist just to hear what they may have to offer. I think that building a zone where all music can be heard is essential. That to me is a key to open mindedness. I have interviewed musicians, reviewed them and build a site surrounded with music. But what I often wonder is the next task? Where do we go from here? What do our fans want to hear? What brings them to view our site? Well this is where you all come in. What do you wish to hear and see on our site? What do you want?? Let us know!!