Young Fox Official Interview

             Young Fox Official Interview
BY: Brandon Harris
As a band what gets you making music?
I think the easiest response for this is life experience. We've all had experiences that cause us to need to express ourselves. Young Fox does this in music.
Who as a child inspired you? 
Personally some of my biggest influences were bands such as the Smashing Pumpkins, Our Lady Peace, and Nirvana.
What do you do on your free time? 
I'm a chef at a local restaurant called Piccolo Forno. Cooking is the ultimate way of showing food, so that is were I spend most of my non-music time.
Any tour in the near future? 
We're headed out for some dates in November and are a part of a really great show in January that we can't share information about just yet.
What is your favorite old album? 
Wow...that's like asking what your favorite strand of hair is. But if I had to pick one I'd say Jeff Buckley's "Grace" is up there.
What are the top three things in your life? 
God, family, art.
Any favorite fast food? 
Chipotle is pretty rad buuuut if you don't consider that fast food then Taco Bell has always had a disgusting place in my heart.
Any crazy fan stories? 
At this point in the game we haven't gathered to many crazy stalkers yet but there was this one time when I was doing a good ol' mic swing and smacked a kid in the front row. I expected some pretty serious backlash and I was shocked to see him stoked to be part of the show. Sick!
Where did you all get started? 
A bedroom with a mattress in the window, some amps, and a drum set turned all the way up.
Most inspirational thing someone has ever told you? 
Love is the answer, the reason, and the purpose.
So on your new EP Predecessors, what is you top song pick? 
"Diet of Worms" holds a pretty special place in my heart.
How long did it take to record the new album? 
We started recording over a year ago and have went thru a series of revamps before we got everything just right.
Where can fans buy your new music?
Our new EP is available at digital retailers worldwide.  Get it at iTunes or the Spartan Records' website!
Any new music videos on the way? 
We're working on a video this upcoming month for the song "The Answer." It's gonna be a sick ride.
Anything to say to your fans? 
Just thanks for checking out the music and that we hope you connect with what were bringing to the table.