Tiff UG

Hi there, I'm Tiffany, I just recently turned eighteen years old! All my life I have wanted to be a counselor, i absolutely love helping people out with their problems and giving out advice I would take. But that's a little far down the road...right now it's my time to wild out and party. Like i said I'm 18 now & i will only look this good once! I Have A iDont Give A Fuck Attitude , && No One Will Change That . I've Worked In The Food Biz And That Shit Sucks , Maybe Ill Have Better Luck With This. I Love Rap&&Hip Hop , Lil Wayne Is My idol♥ iLove Writing Poetry. And Occasionally Write Raps . I Was Blessed With Beauty && Brains And iHope To Use Them To My Fullest Advantage. I Currently Tattoo And Piercing Free . However iHave Had Snakebites , My Lip Pierced , && , My Monroe . Never Any Tats Though . I Have A Bitch Persona But iReally Have A Big Heart . Anyways More To Come Once iFigure Out How To Really Write A Bio ♥