The real Ace Capone BY: Exiled

The real Ace Capone BY: Exiled

Exiled; What's up Ace, let's start with the basics, get a feel for where you comin' from….. I see you're down with the clown…. How long you been runnin with tha hatchet? Who introduced you to the family and what was it that led you to the carnival homie?

Ace Capone 187; Naw, huh.I grew up jammin the old joker cards.Alot of my crazy ass homies consider their self lette's or lo's and i got luv and i cut for their hustle you know. But i'm not a juggalo huh.I say Fam, I mean a homie or anyone i fu%k with on a personal level. I cut for alot of lo's and lette's. Because they keep it real and that's what I've always respected. You don't got to be the flyest most ruthless or baddest on the block, but you got to keep it 100%. All people see. But people of the same cloth recognize their own. Even in a crowd of strangers. And me personally i can't follow another man's lead or movement. I'm my own man, I do what i wanna do. No one ever has. Or will have their thumb on me. So I've never classified myself as anything but what I am. Feel what I'm sayin?

Exiled; You can't argue with that, I apologize i am sure you must get that assumption quite often identifying with those who do claim to be a specific group and or genre.. So, as a recording artist, who would you say are your greatest influences?

Ace Capone 187;Naw man ain't nothing to apologize for bro. Ya know you socialize and associate with that many people in one crew. You're gonna be affiliated by association but anyone who knows me personally knows who what i rep 4 you know, and on my musical influences. I'm widely diversified on my musical taste. I fu%in love metal, rock and rap you know. I love Guns n Roses, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Type O Negative, Deftones. But the sh%t that was a turning point for me as a artist, and gave me drive and inspiration was definitely Bone Thugs n Harmony, Westside Connection, Too $hort, Dmx, Pac, Dj Screw, 3/6 Mafia, Snoop,Master P was really big 2 me. Paul Wall, Old I.C.P like the Great Milenko and Hells Pit. I mean there's so damn many groups i love. I fuc%in love music, I even like a lot of old jazz and techno and liquid trance you know. Bobby Rush, Lords of Acid, list could go on for day's fam. But ya feel where I'm goin you know.

Exiled; For those who may not be familiar with you or your music as of yet, what would you say is one of the common underlying messages and theme behind your music?

Ace Capone 187;Really 2 be honest with you fam , a lot of people talk about what they see in their music you know? My music is a mixture of what i love and what i detest and despise. This sh%t really is me 2 the core .I wasted a lot of time in and out of juvenile detention as a kid and prison as a adult. And ya know man, all I've ever tried to do in my whole fu%kin life is survive and try 2 eat and make sure we didn't have to want. And these laws and haters, stay with they fu%kin hand in my plate. And when i do somethin about it they lock me up like I'm the fu%kin animal fam. I feel like the judicial system and these salt sprinklers have stole from me, stole years ,friends, family and sweat and blood. And that's something these pieces of sh%t can never pay me back! So instead of wreckin out, I've evolved into another breed, now I'm turning sheep into wolves fam. I see all this sh%t for what it is and i don't like it! I'm tired of the stagnant nature society has become accustomed to. I see people thousands upon thousands. Just like me, fed up with this sh%t.So my music is my voice. It's what time it is huh.
Exiled; "Turning sheep into wolves" that's pretty epic and extremely powerful man, i love it. Think i may have to make that my new tagline if you don't mind. I see you have some very intriguing artwork on your Face Book profile, very powerful to those who understand the symbolism. Are you a politically motivated individual/artist and if so what are the main issues in today's world that you would say are the most important, defining issues that influence your life and music?
Ace Capone 187; Really man I'm probably one of the most unpolitical people you would ever meet in your whole life man. Dude for all i give a fu%k they could make Lil Wayne or Johnathan Davis president. Actually that would be pretty fresh, imagine the national anthem. That would be hella sick. But on the real though, I can't stand how docile as a society we Americans have become. I mean it's like were all marks and they've designed a whole legalized slavery and extortion racket and no one cares. They pirate our streets and neighborhood's, and fine people for random minute shit and take your paper by force. Why you went 5 miles over the speed limit? Why are you the adult that bought the car, forced 2 wear a damn seat belt, or give us money if we see you WTF? You work your whole life and no matter what you make off your sweat and intelligence, they got their piggy hand's out. Just waiting for their unearned cut. Even the junkies and bum's pay the man. Every time you spend a dollar in a gas station or store, they gettin their 8 cents on the dollar, WHY? Why would we let this sh%t ride? When did they become powerful enough to pull our children out of our homes and lock them in cages on allegations? They say we're all innocent till proven guilty. Are we now? Bet, your ass gets accused of a felony, I bet you sit in a cage till they can figure it out. You know honestly it's sad we have gotten to this point. It isn't the gang's and most of the criminals, it's the sheppard's over the heard that we should be worried about. But you know it's a divide and conquer technique, keep them disorganized and disillusioned and keep em all hungry so they can't think. Keep them distracted with some dumb ass TMZ and the movie of the week. You feel were I'm comin from? Either way fam that's how i look at a lot of the current world. There's a lot of good out there too but it's rarer and rarer these days.
Ace Capone 187; Let me clarify i love my country, I'm a god damn proud American and Texan and I respect all the people that stand on the front lines for us when we need it. I just don't respect the greedy, no value direction the system in general has taken. A lot of people think my outlook's pretty fu%ked up huh. But i see and feel the situation from a realist perspective huh.
Exiled; Well obviously you're quite on the up n up to the ways of the world. A more n more rare quality i myself n I'm sure the rest of our readers and fans can truly admire n appreciate... Sounds to me that you've had much trial n tribulation you've had to overcome throughout your life n career as an artist. No doubt often met with hostility n resistance... As an individual and an artist. Has there been any particular defining moment, turning point that has made a huge impact in your life.. How did it affect you and how would you say it has forced your evolution on n off the stage?
11 let no one's opinion stand as fact. We all know ourselves better than anyone else, so don't let nobody tell you how to be you. Do what makes you happy, don't allow haters in your circle. A lot of this is a team effort but you got to do everything you can to progress as a artist a person and business wise if you want to better your odds at advancement. But if you don't love this game, it ain't gonna love you back you know. So the best advice i can give is that. And do you and to hell with all the negativity. Handle what you got 2.Every battle isn't worth the time and energy exhausted on people that can never do what you do. That's why they talk, Fu%k it let em talk huh. If you on point and you got it, they gonna see and hear you in time. That's what it is huh.
Exiled; Momma always said "be yourself because everyone else is already taken". So what would you say are your greatest strengths as an artist? What would you say are your weaknesses, things that you need work on to further your career?
Ace Capone 187; I feel I'm pretty solid and well rounded musically as a artist. I think I have a hella fresh vision and I got drive to go get it. And i really see a lot of music that's new and fresh that I really like you know. I really be feelin Stitchs and Riff Raff and my homie TriggaMan a lot of other artists. There's this chick named Switchblade stiletto I found on sound cloud, she's got a fresh style. My homie Chairo the Phoenix killin the beat game. But as far as weaknesses, I don't see anything weak about me except my trust issues with people that I doubt. But that's really just life you know. But it's all good I ain't even been home a full year yet, so I'm doin my thing. I really haven't even cranked it up 2 the max yet. My name gonna ring loud when I do though fam. Im gearing up for some next level sh%t in 2015 though huh.
Exiled; Real quick, a bit off topic but one for the ladies... What is your relationship status? What is it that you look for in a partner and looking for most?
Ace Capone 187; Man I'm not looking huh. Honestly I've never been married, I don't got no baby mama, lol. But uh I'm really funny about people being real with me you know. If i catch a chick tryin 2 game me, I cut her off fam.I don't care what ya do or how you do it, don't be fake about it though. I got a girl I dated all through high school and we separated when we got older because she wanted to settle down and I was addicted to the streets and makin money and a name for myself. And she went through hell and back with me. We haven't seen each other but once in 15 years and we've been catching up and spending a lot of time together. And it feels good to be around someone who really knows me 4 me. And she feels different 2 me than women I've had flings with and dated. But I ain't tryin 2 lock nobody down, I'm just trying 2 live fam and see where the train stops

Exiled; And just to wrap things up here real quick. What are your biggest goals in life on and off stage? Where do you want to be and see yourself 5-10 years from now? What can is fans expect from you in the near future and most importantly how can we fam and fans help you get to where it is you strive to be?

Ace Capone 187; .As far as 5 to 10 years from now, who knows really, man anything can happen. And i won't be on the microphone end of this game in 10 years i know that. My music is something different. I won't be around forever, I missed a chunk of time for getting caught slippin but i can share my life and time with all y'all through my music. All I can say is enjoy it while it lasts. I need some love fam, every play on Sound or Youtube, every like on, every repost and good comment on Facebook helps too all y'all man. Ya love me i'ma love ya back. I'm a loyal mothafu%kin dude fam. I do this sh%t because I love it. All I want is a lil love back huh. Be my luck I'll blow up after I'm dead and gone. All I want is head nod n a thumbs up. Buy a CD when i dropp'em, show a motha fu%ka, "Hey Ace man fu%k them hataz we got luv 4 ya fam". That's all I want or need huh, that's what I do it 4.
Exiled; Well consider me sold homie. I can tell u got heart and you put your all heart and soul into your music n that's what matters most I say. Ace, homie, it's been a great wonderful pleasure chattin it up with you. We look forward to watching you rise n shine.. Good luck and Godspeed homie and never forget you have a fam who will do all we can to help elevate you to whatever comes next for you. Keep it real, keep it wicked, and forever WhoOP wHOop!
Ace Capone 187; Already homie. I appreciate your time and the love fam,, ya made a friend today huh. Ya know where I'm at huh, be cool bro.And thx for taking your time to get the real deal huh.
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