The Godfather of Music

When I begin to think about the beginning of music I am brought back to the likes of Mozart. Not only was he a musician, but one of the grandfathers of the common root of all sound. Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, and lived until 1791. As a composer, he was quite different and his sounds for his time were unlike any other. As a young adult, he reached fame but almost no financial compensation for his work. he developed not only his career but his most famous pieces in Vienna where he settled. He for 8 years would develop and compose music that many others would learn and love for centuries.

After building himself a career he began to fall iller. In the mid-1700's Mozart began to show signs of both illness and depression. As his illness caused him problems so did his financial issues. He and his family began to move around quite frequently as the years passed. to In 1786 he began to move cities, partially in attempts to relieve his family of the financial stress he had incurred through the past decade. He was known for asking friends for loans,and even being lost in a deep depression. The once-great composer was falling more and more ill and his conditions continued to deteriorate. By 1786 his public appearances began to dwindle and he was not often seen at all in the public eye.

Then in 1790 he made quite a few moves with his family through Germany again hoping to achieve great success, instead, the results at best were failed but added to his musical legacy. In 1791 the year of his death it is said that Mozart also created some of his greatest works ever. He almost seemingly was in a healing period of his life and it surely showed within his music. He composed the Opera " The Magic Flute", Ave Verum Corpses, and the world famous unfinished " Requiem". Mozart died from his long time illness on December 5th, 1791 never completing his final masterpiece. 

His death which was for many years thought to be caused by many things actually as from renal failure. Upon his deathbed, he  was still working to finish some of his 600 pieces he had composed over his lifetime. He was outlived by his wife and children. Now almost 300 years later he is still hailed as one of the greatest living artist ever!