So Cold

Poetry By:KW
Why am I so cold?

Is it because my heart is frozen like cold ice

From the pain that has been delivered to me
 For I’m a shivering cold slave
Bound from birth
But now as I grow day to day
My heart has turned cold like ice on a winter day
For being a slave is like death itself
Along with fear it brings me a wonderful though of the night
Death waits for me
So my heart is cold as ice
So that I won’t feel the pain day to day
It weakens me
But I stand strong
Through the emotionless days that awaits me
For being a slave is worse then death itself
But to not feel is complete my desire of life
For the pain they brought feels likes deaths kiss’s upon my white lips
It is relief to know the pain will soon escape my mind
So at last I may be in peace
 ~~~ K.WK.S.~~~~~