Indepth Interview with Michele form Fireflight!

 Michelle from Fireflight opens up and gets real, with Brandon from Underground Interviews!

Brandon Harris:  What got you into music? 

Michele: I've been addicted to music ever since I was a kid. As a little girl I would even memorize the short clips of songs from commercials for compilation Albums on TV and I would perform the commercials for my family. 
Brandon Harris: What are your goals?

Michele: My goal is to write music that captures an emotional moment in time, that communicates to people on a spiritual level, and reveals how all of life is an expression of the power of a loving God.
Brandon Harris: What is going on with your label?

Michele: We parted ways with our label last year. We left as friends with different paths.
Brandon Harris: How did fireflight become independent?

Michele: Last year we came to the decision that it was time to pursue our music independently from our label. We felt that our marketing goals and also our musical direction were growing in different directions from our label. In this day and age, fans are so much more connected with the creators of the music they love, and we felt this opened a door for us to create music outside of the traditional framework of having label support and structure. We approached our label wanting to part as friends and they supported our decision.
Brandon Harris: What is the most important part of your music?

Michele: For us the most important goal of our music is it's ability to generate hope and empowerment in the listener. 

Brandon Harris: Where do you all plan to be in ten years?

Michele: Wherever God takes us. We want to be open to the possibilities.
Brandon Harris : What it the biggest difference between the modern music industry, and the industry in the past?

Michele: In two words, Music Piracy, lol. The internet created the opportunity for everyone to steal music if they so chose. The huge transformation in the industry has been completely catalyzed by the fact that people don't feel bad about taking artistic creations. This has resulted in a scramble to find ways to run a business that sells albums now that people don't pay for albums anymore. As far as I can tell they are still looking for that answer as we speak.

Brandon Harris: As band what do you do together on tour?

Michele: On off days we park the bus at some city along the route and become mall rats.
Brandon Harris: Any favorite shows you have done?

Michele: Our favorite shows are in Brazil and Germany, the fans there are unreal. They love music and they come to shows to have fun and enjoy themselves and they aren't preoccupied with "looking cool" or texting, lol.

Brandon Harris: What is one thing about you very few people know? Come on dont be shy?

Michele: I like to sew and make hand-made gifts for my family. 

Brandon Harris: Who manages the band?

Michele: Keep It Loud Management 
Brandon Harris: Any big news coming up for you all?

Michele: We have launched and successfully met our goal for fan funding our fifth album INNOVA, to release in 2015 using We are excited about the musical  and artistic growth of our new vision. People can learn more and become a part of the project at 
Brandon Harris: Who inspires you?

Michele: Anyone who reaches past the barriers set before them to rise above and then reaches down to help others break free as well. 
Brandon Harris: Have you ever had a major let down in the industry?

Michele: When we were a baby band, we had countless promises made and broken as we fought desperately for a place in the industry. Thankfully with persistence and the help of sincere and passionate people we made it out of the chaos, but it's only grace that got us through it. 
Brandon Harris: What would you say to a young person looking to get into the industry?

Michele: They say is takes 10,000 hours to become excellent at your skill. Put more focus into developing your talent and your message on the front end and once you have an excellent product you can market yourself a million different ways these days online. 
Brandon Harris: Anything you want to say to your fans?

Michele: We love our fans and we want them to know that! We answer our own messages at, so if they need someone to talk to we are there. 

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