Escape The Fate

Escape The Fate:

_______________________________  BY: Brandon Harris       
      What runs through your mind when you hear Escape The Fate? I often think of hardcore relaxing music, and a great sounds. Escape The fate who as a band began  in 2004 - 2005. As a team they build what today is know as one of Americas most popular bands. Dying is your latest fashion was a great album and only the draw in for the band. Who have now released 4 albums and 3 album extensions. As a band they have music videos on Youtube topping out at 41 million views.  Some of their music so well know its an every home song. Escape The Fate has also been through multiple band members the only existing original member being the Drummer.  Whichever way you view it the band is better than ever spending the summer o n tour making stops this month in IL,OH,MI and more. They have a lot going on this year with the European tour in lieu as well!