Beyonce blows VMA's away with amazing preformance

Beyonce out preformed almost every artist to mid point in this years VA awards. At one point quoting " Welcome to my world MTV". Even with the joke being on her earlier with a comedian pretending to be Jay - Z, she pulled of her act very well, and as always had a sexy outfit to go with it. Over the past ten years she has grown into her title and gaining a massive following. With one of the longest sets in the show, she defiantly pulled off an amazing set! Preforming her hits suck as "Drunken Love". She defiantly moved the crowed.With a tribute to her daughter and even at points seeing her daughter dancing in the crowed. Her face lit with joy, and you  could tell that she was a very happy person. Ending wth an award, and her daughter chanting go momma!