VIOLENT SONS 'NOTHING AS IT SEEMS' AVAILABLE DIGITALLY TODAY Stream the Album in Full on Lambgoat; Order Now from Bridge Nine

Stream the Album in Full on Lambgoat; Order Now from Bridge Nine
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Violent Sons features members that are no strangers to the New England hardcore scene: Sean Murphy (Verse), Mikey Belcastro (Product of Waste, Suicide Pact), Evan White (Raindance) and Andrew Fortin got together in late 2013 when Murphy and Belcastro finally sat down after about a year of talking about starting a band.  The two had "…dealt with a lot of similar things in life… mental illness, abuse, welfare, death, etc., so we wanted to use this project as a form of therapy for us and anyone else that might take something positive from a total negative", Murphy commented.  And therapeutic it is - Violent Son's debut LP Nothing As It Seems is a ferocious effort that would please fans of Verse's ambitious trajectory, and yet, it is completely its own project for much of its blistering 22-minute length.  It's a multifaceted debut that subtly twists punk's heavier formula into new shapes and colors while retaining Murphy's exasperated, incensed sociopolitical frustrations.  
Thus far, Violent Sons have played a handful of shows around New England, but plan on touring as much as they can and sharing their music with as many people as possible.  Stay tuned to for more Violent Sons news coming soon, and orderNothing As It Seems from now.

Nothing As It Seems Track Listing (Available digitally July 8th and on LP in September TBA):

1. Letters From The Future
2. Heavy Burden
3. Us Against Them
4. Only Death
5. I Am Nothing
6. Faith Pushers
7. MK Ultra Minds
8. Clean Boots
9. Late Bloom
10. Money Trail