Frist new album in 20 years from Pink Floyd


Pink Floyd - new album Coming in October

Underground Interviews ( UI)  It’s been 20 years since Pink Floyd released what has been known as their final album, 1994′s “The Division Bell.This has been far to long. But a media leak this week say's it may not be their last album after all.Polly Samson, the wife of guitarist David Gilmour, tweeted Saturday that the band will release a new album, “The Endless River,” based on 1994 sessions. This new album will bring millions of fan's from around the world together once again, and start a huge tour! We hope. A modern classic band will once again be among the modern era off musicians. Their new album will more than likely top the charts and be the center of attention!   Only hoping it can meet the same level of previous classics created by pink Floyd . With amazing sounds and a great fan base this album drop will probably far surpass a lot of top artist!