Four Years Strong - Going Down in History review

                   Going Down In History 
BY: Brandon Harris                                         
   Just finished listening to the new Four Year Strong Album, and I have to tell you these guy's are bringing the music industry a whole new twist of amazing music. The album " Going down in History" will surely be the center of much attention and spotlight this summer. The album itself is amazing and well planned out. With a sound almost like Blink 182 but well above their quality Four years Strong will defiantly make your head spin. No loose ends in this album either which I for one find amazing in modern music. If I had to pick the album of the summer it would defiantly have to be theirs. They defiantly picked the right album name because Four Years Strong will be going down in history once this album drops! As a writer, and fan of great music, these guy's have officially blown me away!