The Black Veil Brides taking over the industry

                          The Black Veil Brides
                                                                "Taking over the industry"

The Black Veil Brides are a band that has emerged out of Hollywood, Ca are a hot topic in today's music world. With fan's buying out shows, and merch flying off the shelf these guy's rock. This amazing music group formed in 2006 in Cincinnati, OH. They were first noticed and signed by StandBy Records in 2009.  The band then went on the leather wings tour. With a fast growing fan base, and musical talent beyond most dreams, the black veil brides grew huge and fast. Their music seeming to capture their fan's and bring a whole sort of new culture to modern music. Wit videos passing 29,000,000 views I would say they have by far surpassed success and are headed towards legend.  Now fast forward to 2014 and we have a band that not only draws fan's in but also retains their fan base with song's such as " Lost it all" Coffin" and many more. The Black Veil Brides rocks and keeps an amazing team going on a fast paced journey to rock and roll!  They sound like a mix of 80's thrash metal and modern metal as well! 

    Since their start the black veil brides have earned over 25 awards including the most dedicated fan award and  Alternative Press band of the year award. They have over 100,000,000 combined YouTube views, and continue to soar. On tour now we suggest you get your tickets now before there all gone!