Opperation Vote Smo


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     In an interview we asked if the Big Smo a rapper, who not only keeps things in perspective. But who also has morals and values would run for president. Although we knew then we would begin our mission much later we wanted to hear what he had said first. The Smo is a person whom we feel could represent the core values our our country, and here at Underground Interviews we have launched a page asking the Big Smo to run for president. We are Urging viewers to like our page and leave a comment asking The Big Smo to run. Not only for the ability to get another name on the ballot, but to get someone whom would give the politicians a run for their money, and someone whom would shake up debates and represent the majority, rather than the minority of people. Meaning we would have a voice. Join our mission and ask the Real Big Smo to run for president of the United States of America. Rise up and let your voice be heard. Lets not look for change, but a whole new life style!


                           (Click the link and ask The Smo to run)