A rockin glass company

  Glass Art article
 By: Brandon Harris

                 "Lady Bug Glass Accents is above the rest, sheer quality and class"

Linda Grunert Ceo - Lady Bug Glass Accent's
  We came across thins business with a bit of shock and surprise. Not often do I purchase jewelry, but for the sake of living and having a blast, on tour doing interviews we had a rough month, while meeting people we ran into Linda Grunert. She owns Lady Bug Glass Accents. This company at first glance may seem a bit different than most. That is because it is. Linda has been making glass for customers for years in the Chicago land area. Not only does she make custom glass, but she also makes one of a kind artistic pieces you wont find anywhere else.  Her glass made by hand, takes hours of hard work and craftsman ship. Having a distinct look and great quality, her work worn by stars, and now becoming almost global. Miss Grunert has made a huge hit with her custom glass, and sends each piece out certified with a 1 of a kind certification for each collector, and or mom or sister for mothers day. "Never before seen glass is the way Lady Bug is meant to be" said Linda. " I feel it is my goal to created beautiful art for the world to see" She also stated. Linda a German national, learned to blow glass in Germany, having moved to the US, She wishes to bring with her the beauty and quality of her custom glass art for every woman in America to own a piece of jewelry designed from the heart by one of the greatest glass artist in the world.  Her biggest hope is to have a piece of her work in every home one day, to be cherished for generations to come as a custom "Lady Bug" gift from mother to daughter, to granddaughter and more. We are pleased to own one of her pieces and say this is a top notch business.

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