Brand New Song by Eminem


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By: Brandon Harris

      Underground Interviews (UI) With a bit of disbelief, the track still playing over and over in my head " I went in head first, never thinkin about who and what I said first". As said by Eminem in his new song headlights. If your like me you grew up watching Eminem, following his every move for some of us. He is changing, and growing now more than ever as an artist. This song he put out on mothers day has by far been one of the most Amazing and down to earth pieces from him in a while! Eminem a hero to many, is still on top of his game and making moves, with lyrical precision and great beats as well. Now in this day in age re thinking what he said to his mother in previous years. The pain, resentment, and build up now bellowing back as a lesson learned, and growth as a person now showing through music. Yes that's right guy's, Slim Shady is now changing his motive and apologizing for all the hate for his mother, more than likely having a better understanding of what caused her to be that way!! Great job Eminem. This new song can quite possibly be a huge piece in a new album from Americas legend Eminem!