The 420 award winners 2014

                                                                  Kottonmouth Kings:

The Kottonmouth Kings

    KMK is defiantly number one when it comes to musicians whom love to smoke and make music. Having their own blend and marijuana strain KMK, is by far proud to smoke and enjoy their lives. With  numerous albums and the ability to do so these guys chief hard, and rap harder. KMK has had over 19 albums released and this year will be their 20th year as a group. Gaining global respect for their love of music and Marijuana. Over the years naming albums after Mary Jane as well, including the hidden stash series, and royal highness. Music and pot are not their only two talents, KMK has also been involved with over 13 movies as well!! So with 420 being today we wish you a happy 420 an a a bunch more, now relax lay back and enjoy your day!!