Brandon Harris: Who are you as a person? 

Knightstalker: Well I'll better let others judge my character but I can confess that I'm addicted to HipHop music and polo clothes and interested in politics & sports. 

Brandon Harris: What has been the best part so far of being a performer? 

Knightstalker: Having the ability to perform in front of hundreds of people and to feel the energy goin' back and forth between yourself and the audience. Ain't nuttin better than hitting the stage! 

Brandon Harris:  What are the goals you have set for yourself? Musically? 

Knightstalker: Just being able to do the the music that I love without having to make any compromises. Plus consecutive growth on a lyrical and technical level! 

Brandon Harris: How long does it take to prepare a song for release? 

Knightstalker: Depends on the subject and the circumstances. I wrote and recorded tracks in a few hours but it can also take a couple of month 'til I'm satisfied wit a song!

 Brandon Harris: What was the fist cd you ever owned?

Knightstalker: Can't remember the very first cd since I must've been quiet young but the first hiphop cd that I copped was Ghostface Killah's "Ironman" back when I was 13. 

Brandon Harris:  What is the rap game like now, compared to when you got into it? 

Knightstalker: Well the internet has become more important marketing-wise and the musical genre has grown a lot when it comes to diversity globality. Nevertheless it's still a god damn business Where do you get the themes for your music videos? Most of the stuff comes up while sitting down with the directors discussin' the subject matter of the song and looking for options to implement those ideas into a video clip using the resources that are available at the very moment. 

Brandon Harris: Who was your best performance on stage with? 

Knightstalker: Well every single performance was dope in a special way but I love to rock the stage wit my man Le First and I can surely say that I won't hit a stage if I ain't got my DJ, shout out to DJ Easy, with me...that's for sure. 

Branon Harris: Any tour coming soon? 

Knightstalker: Yes, me and Le First are trying to set up some tour dates throughout Germany and a couple other European countries later this year. 

Brandon Harris: What are your hopes for 2014?

 Knightstalker: To finally drop that collaboration album that me and Le First been working on for the last two years as well as performing as much as possible!

Brandon Harris:  Who if anyone would you like to colab with? 

Knightstalker:  I already had the chance to do tracks with some of my favorite artists but if I had to choose one single mc it would be Ghostface Killah. 

 Brandon Harris: What was your vision when you started? 

Where did you think you would be today? I just wanted to have fun on the doin' what I love, recording hiphop music how I like it. The drive and the inspiration to take it to another level came naturally while developing my flow, content and all that. What song of yours has the most views, hits? I guess it's the "End Of The Tunnel" video clip on youtube, produced by my dear homies Nefew. And for the plays, I guess it's "Lost Children" ft. Reef The Lost Cauze on my Soundcloud page. As a performer does anyone inspire you? Sounds stupid, but actually everything! Life as we live it and everything that comes wit it! What is your opinion on Russia and the US right now regarding Crimea? Tough question. Actually I'm trapped somewhere in the middle. It shows that we are all slaves to the media somehow, someway. I think everyone has to see the Russian side of things as well as the Ukrainian one. The sad thing about it is that there are a lot of persons who will be forced to move and leave there homes while they have nothing to do with all those politics. I guess nobody should be too fast judging about who's the bad guy this time. It's way more complicated than that and we shouldn't only be influenced by the opinion that the "western" media and politicians distribute! As a person, what do you do on your free time? Basically to relax, hanging out with my loved ones, playing ball and somehow it always comes back to listening to some music. Do you have any crazy fan stories? Haha not really, besides the usual "online" stalking...nuttin' crazy! Who do you feel is the best rapper alive? Ahhh...I can never go with one...let's say it should be a mixture of Jigga, Nas, Kool G Rap, Rakim & Ghostface Any new videos coming out soon? Yes, me and Le First got several videos ready to be released as soon as our album is ready. Anything you want to say to your fans? Thx for the continuing support throughout all these years and be on the lookout for a lot more dope music to drop, courtesy of yours truly! Anyone you want to thank? Ya'll for hittin' me up to do this interview, my inner and extended circle as well as all the fans & supporters! 1