Papa Duck official Interview

            Papa Duck - official Interview

Brandon Harris: What got you into music? 

Papa Duck : Just listening to a lot of mix tapes and seeing people perform on stage at talent shows.

Brandon Harris: What are your goals?

 Papa Duck: My goal is to be a household name. To be able to touch everyone with my music.

Brandon Harris: Who are you as a person?

 Papa Duck: A down to earth approachable person.

Brandon Harris: As an artist what are the biggest challenges? 

Papa Duck: Promoters and club owners or anyone booking shows. Just cause the music isn't hot in your area doesn't mean that it's not being played. People allow radio to tell them what's hot. Be your own person check out the music of artist on their grind.

Brandon Harris: Who is your favorite artist in the industry?

Papa Duck: Any artist out here grinding

Brandon Harris: What is the hardest part of being a recording artist? 

Papa Duck: I enjoy what I do but don't get it twisted it's a grind all day every day.

Brandon Harris: Where did your dream to begin writing and recording start? 

Papa Duck: Being in the studio and learning the business. Just knowing that what you write can really make an impact in someone's life.

Brandon Harris: What inspires you? 

Papa Duck: Those on the grind and not waiting for someone to give them something.

Brandon Harris: Who are your biggest inspiration? 

Papa Duck: My mother and kids 

Brandon Harris: Any song that means the most to you?

Papa Duck: John John R.I.P

Brandon Harris: What is the difference between tour and home shows? 

Papa Duck: Being on tour it just shows me that people appreciate what I do. I'm able to reach people outside of my area. Let's me know that I'm doing something right.

Brandon Harris: As a person what draws you to  album designs, who creates your album designs?  

Papa Duck: What I might be going through inspires most of my album designs. I come up with what I think it should look like them get a designer to put it together.

Brandon Harris: When you were young did you ever feel this would turn into a career? 

Papa Duck: This is all I wanted to do when I was younger. Live breathe music.

Brandon Harris: What to expect from you in the future?

Papa Duck: Currently working on the new CD due out soon "Duck Dynasty" and got the clothing line coming out "Street Loot"

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