A bit on the mysterie gutair man

     So as we blog about music and musicians, Ive recently come across a man whom does what others cannot. He helps those whom need an up lifting heart, with his music and sounds. I dident catch his name, but I saw the smiles he brought to the faces of the people whom needed him. As I walked in to the Louisville, KY veterans hospital today, to again check on my grandfather whom had been in for now going on five days, I heard the sounds of a guitar coming from the  hall. There stood a tall man with a Spanish guitar. He stood roughly 5'9 with short dark hair and a goatee. Playing for the veterans and family's in their trying time. The simple thought that he could be doing something so sincere with no goals of stardom, no plans for fame just the ability to make music and warm the hearts of the struggling familys. This to me was amazing. I felt that maybe for once I had found a place that could show care and passion in the world, as I was standing in the oncology unit, it also warmed my heart to see such a young heart felt person.