Underground Interviews hits 200 Post's

  By: Brandon Harris                    "Underground Interviews hits 200 Post's"
 Underground Interviews is hitting a milestone today. With this post being number 200. We have officially surpassed 200 post's in a little over 70 day's. We are growing at an amazing rate, and are being blessed with interviews from some of the best musician's in the Industry. 90 day's ago this site was nothing more then an Idea I had come up with us, now were growing like a wildfire. Meeting all of our goal's and even surpassing them has been amazing for us here at Underground Interviews. Our team works around the clock to deliver you the best material all the time. Over the next few months we will have some huge surprises in store for you. From our all new coming soon UG TV, to our new site in the works, flyers, and T- shirts.  We are planning a huge change to help our readers get more in tuned with our site, please staY tuned to our site and check out our site.

   Our Site Now:                                               Our Site on day 5:

    Over the past three months we have grown to be a top producing site for the music industry, please allow us to continue doing so!