"Slow Feet Don't Eat"

Nu Jerzey Devil
"Slow Feet Don't Eat"

On the eve of his Birthday, January 10th, 2014; Nu Jerzey Devil released his first single titled "Trapenese" off of his much anticipated upcoming Mixtape "Slow Feet Don't Eat".  Produced by Majestic Drama Beats, "Trapenese" is a street single infused with a melodic catchy hook and gritty verses, making it the perfect combination of singing and rapping. Nu Jerzey Devil conveys his ambitious nature and relentless spirit to pursue success by any means necessary.  Trapenese shows a different aspect of Jerzey's capability and growth as an artist. Turn up the song and allow its infectious vibe motivate you to pursue your dreams by overcoming any potential obstacles.  After all... "Slow Feet Don't Eat!"

Jerzey learned early on in his career that in order to be a success story instead of a forgotten artist, one must encompass many traits necessary to make a permanent stamp in the entertainment industry.  He is a self taught Dj, Producer, and videographer.  He seamlessly goes from writing and producing his music to then shooting his own music videos, through his video production company LiveliHood Films.  He has learned the value in being self-sufficient, in order not to have to wait on anyone else to complete a needed task.

Having returned from a tour in the UK, with the artist The Game, Jerzey was able to further widen his fan base as not only Game's official tour Dj but also performing during Game's shows.  He loves being able to perform and share that experience with his fans. Jerzey continuously interacts with his fans through his Social Media pages, in order to get closer to his supporters and receive their direct feedback about his music.  He appreciates all the people who have followed his journey and continue to lend their support.  "Without my fans, my music would not be heard. They take the time to write to me so I'll always continue to reach out to them!", states Jerzey.

Being able to tour all around the world, has broadened his musical palette, in that Jerzey is in tuned with music that becomes popular overseas even before it reaches the United States.  He infuses various types of music styles he hears overseas, into his own music without losing the interest of his core fan base.  Every day he wakes up with the mindset to go further than he had yesterday. "Consistency pays off... If you don't grow as a individual, an entrepreneur, and an artist then there is no point in what you're doin!", states Jerzey.  He understands how important it is to OWN the rights to his stage name, his music, and any slogans he comes up with.  His latest slogan that has become a Social Media hit and has been tatted on by a few of his fans, is the title of his upcoming mixtape, "Slow Feet Don't Eat".  He advices artists to educate themselves on the business aspect of the music industry, so they won't fall prey to anyone who may want to take advantage of them being naive and not knowing how the music industry really operates.

What most don't know about Jerzey, is that at heart, he's a family man who puts his daughter "Gigi" above everything else.  She is the reason, Jerzey continuously grinds even when he's sick from exhausting his body. "Gigi's my little angel and she inspires me to continue on with the mission I started off with when I entered the music industry. She loves my music and always gives me her honest opinion!", proudly states Jerzey.  When he's not on tour, in the studio, or on the set of a music video; he's spending time with his daughter!

"I want to be remembered for making lasting music and smart business decisions. I want my fans to know how much I appreciate their support! I wanna thank all the Djs, Music Industry Executives, and my management team for advising me and assisting in my progress as an individual and entertainer! ", states Jerzey.  Nu Jerzey Devil has a set mission in his mind... To become not only a respected Latino artist in the Hip Hop industry, like his childhood musical hero Big Pun, but to create an unforgettable legacy in the film and music industry!  Continue following Jerzey's journey as he propels to new heights and accomplishes all his goals...

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Article By Ani Galestanian
LimitLess Entity
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